The recent growth in community participation has given a strong impetus towards constructing a permanent structure for the temple. With the effort and dedication of the volunteers, the board members have been able to make rapid progress on the temple construction plans. Following are just a few ways through which active community involvement has helped achieve accelerated progress:

Members in several other hindu temples across North America and India graciously shared their experience and knowledge on various temple construction related aspects. Their guidance has been very insightful in helping shape our execution plan. Selection of location, cost involved in construction at various locations that were considered were analyzed using facts from engineers.

Local engineers and architects expedited initial drafts with their relevant expertise. Such strong support from local talent will be essential to our timely success. Active community involvement helped in the diligent efforts towards seeking multiple alternatives for key construction related decisions. Process for Sthapathi selection, master plan input, fund raising schemes, and alignment with Agamic traditions are a few such decisions. Enthusiastic community support helped bolster the fund raising efforts.

To reinforce the significance and power of community involvement in achieving the common goal, here is a quote from The Dalai Lama – “Without the human community, one single human being cannot survive”.


  Continuing and promoting the highest values of hindu culture, philosophy, religion, spirituality and tradition in our adopted home land With benevolence, compassion and tolerance