Gift Shop
The gift shop is wholly owned by the temple and is run by volunteers. The gift shop is open for your convenience on the weekends from 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. If you need to browse the shop on week days please do not hesitate to enquire at the temple office. If by some chance you have not visited the Gift shop before, we invite you to take a peek inside and you are likely to find something that you have needed for a long time; maybe a beautiful mini Ganesh icon for your car, brass deepams that would be perfect in your temple altar at home or the devotional CD that you have searched everywhere.
The temple gift shop is mainly a place for devotees to find items they need for performing religious ceremonies and pujas. Hindu rituals and pujas need a variety of materials ranging from cotton wicks for oil lamps, religious books and CDs to the sacred thread called the “yagnopaveetam”. A variety of beautiful icons of deities that arouse a feeling of wonder and devotion are available. They make a perfect gift for a new house or a wedding and some are ideal gifts for students. In addition to all the puja items the gift shop offers some special items for offering to the gods like the Sesha Vastram (19 yard silk vastram for Balaji), silk sarees for the goddesses and the Navagraha Vastrams for offering to the Navagraha deities. The shop also offers Balaji vastrams, god vastrams and the prasadam sarees that adorned the deities in the temple for purchase. Devotees buy these as a form of blessing from the gods. Please do walk into the gift shop next time you are in the temple and you might find something that you truly cherish.